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“…It’s scary taking the step to let go of the security of work and its routines.  I have defined myself by my career for a long time.  I turned to Susan Farling for advice and found that decision to be one of my best.  Without Susan’s empathy, insights and expertise, I think I would have lost sight of my goals and likely reversed course.…Now I am a new retiree, starting to relax and feeling so grateful I was able to have that support and guidance from Susan.  Thank you, Susan, for helping me get here!” 

recently retired early sixties manager

“Susan was highly recommended to me by a friend. I had been unable to work my way through several relationship problems and I was neglecting my physical health. With Susan’s guidance, I was able after only a few sessions to get my thoughts in order and to realize that I had to regain my own physical and emotional health before I could address the relationship problems. Susan had several concrete techniques or “tips” that I found so helpful to settle my thoughts, focus on what is important, make a clear plan, identify my own needs, and finally to take specific steps toward meeting them. In addition to her excellent professional techniques, Susan’s gentle and open demeanor created an environment where I felt safe and in good hands. I highly recommend her.”

retired professional woman in her sixties


“I cannot put a price on the clarity that I have been able to find with the help of your guidance and support. Going through life with much improved self love has boosted my confidence like I never knew possible.”

office worker in her twenties


“Thank you for your help with my best I can be day-by-day mission. The work you do has a huge ripple effect.”

author in her fifties


“Susan has helped me to see myself as resourceful and courageous. Her ability to gently, but firmly, challenge perceptions has allowed me to heal, thereby enabling me to be the parent I want to be and find the partner I deserve. Susan has exceptional skills.”

helping professional in her forties


“Working with Susan I feel safe, grounded and enlightened.”

scientist in his forties


“We dealt with some very hard things – including cancer, together. Susan was instrumental in helping me to get through breast cancer with my sense of humour – and my sanity – intact. I have had chronic fatigue for a long time and I had more-or-less given up on having a direction for my life but Susan helped me to discover a new path. I also admire Susan for her commitment to personal and professional growth. She often attends workshops and training sessions to help her to grow professionally and as an individual. All this and she’s funny and warm and a joy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan to anyone who needs help.”

writer, in her fifties



“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Susan Farling’s skills. She is compassionate, perceptive, observant, pragmatic and creative. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

artist in her sixties



“Every time I leave a session with Susan, I feel lighter, more grounded, inspired, and ready to take on the world again. Whether I am seeking counsel about something deeply personal or whether I need guidance on how to approach a subject like career transition/advancement, I know that Susan will offer me solid guidance and support, in her own compassionate and constructive way. Simply put, Susan is the best, and her sense of humour is so poignant and well-timed; it helps take the edge off of some of the subject matter, without compromising the integrity of the session.”

early thirties manager