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Retirement Evolution Coaching


Retire Limitations. Explore Options. Create Possibilities.

Your first step is a free 45 minute Retirement Evolution consult to see if we are a good fit to work together and which of my services is best suited to support you to reach your goals.

Option 1

You:  You’re curious about how your non-financial retirement expectations and preparations match the reality of the retirement you have planned or are currently living; you’re wondering how your experiences compares to your cohorts; you want a proven planning tool.

Retirement Success Profile:

 A comprehensive questionnaire that covers 15 separate factors that people who have meaningful and purposeful retirements face and deal with directly.




    • You complete the Retirement Success Profile questionnaire in the comfort of your home;
    • Two follow up one hour Conscious Retirement coaching sessions with Susan within the month.


    • You will have an inventory of your strengths and a much clearer awareness of those areas of your life that may require additional energy and concentrated focus for you to realistically have a vital, meaningful and purposeful next stage of your life.
    • You will have more clarity on what matters most to you.
    • You will leave with a personal manifesto to guide you.

    $350 individual

    $575 couple

    Follow-up can be discussed at the completion of your sessions.

    Option 2

    You:  You’re deeply committed to creating the life you want and are willing to challenge yourself; you’re ready to experiment and explore options; you’re good at implementing suggestions; you’re available for new perspectives; and you are excited to start and are ready to dive right in!

    Conscious Retirement by Design Six Week Program:


    A comprehensive program which includes taking stock of past losses and successes; taking a deep dive into what has interested, intrigued, and delighted you over the years as well as your commitments, values and dreams; designing an evolving plan to follow to create a unique and meaningful life of joy and purpose.


    • The Retirement Success questionnaire as described above;
    • Four one hour phone consultations;
    • Two 30 minute phone consultation;
    • Two 15 minute check in calls at the request of the client;
    • Bonus supportive exercises, audios and videos.


    • An enhanced understanding of the complexity, nuances and challenges of the retirement transition;
    • Increased self awareness and self compassion;
    • Awareness of strengths and areas of self sabotage with practical tools to use to support growth, flexibility and joy;
    • Clarity about next steps and confidence to take those steps;
    • A values informed plan of action;
    • Improved peace of mind with increased body/mind/spirit alignment.
    • A personal manifesto which will act as your compass and north star.
    • Personal practices that you can use to support your well-being for the rest of your life.



    Follow-up: can be discussed at the completion of your program.

    Payment plan options will be discussed in the initial Conscious Retirement consultation.