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Thinking about retiring?

Just retired?  Been retired a while?


Are you a professional woman or man going through work withdrawals?

Are you unsure about how to create the fulfilling retirement you want?  

Do you wonder who you are if you aren’t a prof, a doctor, a lawyer, a manager? 

Are you feeling demoralized and starting to wonder why you should get up in the morning?

Hi there. I’m delighted you’ve dropped by!

I’m Susan Farling MA, Retirement Evolution Coach

I can help you meet the mix of challenge and opportunity that retirement  brings so that you’ll stay engaged and vital and enjoy a fulfilling, purposeful next stage of your life. 

explore options   create possibilities

This transition time is an ideal time to connect deeply with and be inspired by what matters most to you — your values, heartfelt commitments, interests, passions and dreams.

As your coach I’d be delighted to support you to achieve your retirement goals.  I offer caring practical guidance, championing, challenges and inspiration – all backed by forty years of experience helping people navigate major life transitions.


a new future

From this exploration of opportunities you can create an engaging plan that you can confidently follow to develop a vital, purposeful, flourishing and fulfilling next stage of your life.

“Susan was highly recommended to me by a friend….With her guidance, I was able…to get my thoughts in order…focus on what is important, make a clear plan, identify my own needs, and finally to take specific steps toward meeting them…… In addition to her excellent professional techniques, Susan’s gentle and open demeanor created an environment where I felt safe and in good hands. I highly recommend her.”                                                                                     – retired professional woman in her sixties

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