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Retirement Evolution Coaching

with Susan Farling

Against the backdrop of rapid societal change and complexity we navigate our personal ups and downs, transitions and life upheavals – sometimes feeling as though we in unfamiliar territory, in bad weather, without a map.

Retirement is one of our lives major transitions. Are you planning for retirement, or are you already retired, unsure of your next steps and feeling directionless?

  • Are you feeling lost and at loose ends?
  • Are you wondering who you are without your work?
  • Is it hard to stay motivated?
  • Do you find yourself feeling irrelevant and disheartened?

Use these practical, confidence inspiring tips for every stage of your retirement journey – and well beyond.

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Life after retirement can be a deeply rewarding, fulfilling time of inner peace, playfulness, connection, contribution and enjoyment.

It is also true that there can be challenges that can interrupt, shake up, or stall the best of well laid plans, even when there isn’t a global pandemic or major societal upheaval.

For example, without adequate planning retirement with all its potential for reward

and fulfullment can have downsides.

  • A slide into a “why bother” mindset can become depression.
  • Boredom can result in over use of  alcohol and other potentially dulling distractions.
  • Mistaken assumptions and conflict in relationships can result in resentment, unhappiness and divorce.
  • Staying in a “comfort zone of the familiar” can result in social isolation.




Let me help you navigate the delights and challenges of the retirement transition feeling well resourced, energized and full of positive anticipation for your future. 



“Susan was highly recommended to me by a friend….With her guidance, I was able…to get my thoughts in order…focus on what is important, make a clear plan, identify my own needs, and finally to take specific steps toward meeting them…… In addition to her excellent professional techniques, Susan’s gentle and open demeanor created an environment where I felt safe and in good hands. I highly recommend her.”                                                                                     – retired professional woman in her sixties