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I’m looking

forward to getting

to know you.

Here’s a bit about me.


My reserved mother taught me that we’re never too old to stop learning, growing, being creative, experimenting and adventuring! She learned to swim in her late 50’s, was a passionate volunteer and enthusiastic traveller in her 60′s and 70’s and practiced yoga into her 80’s. She was not an easy mum but I always admired and was inspired by her willingness to engage in her life.  

My parents didn’t speak to anybody about the challenges in their lives. At 17 I watched my father struggle with being forced into an early, unwelcome retirement due to unexpected and severe health problems. This meant his pension was greatly decreased; my parents had to move to a different town and my mother had to go back to work. My father never regained his health. I learned then that nothing can be taken for granted. I sometimes find myself thinking about that devastating period of their lives as I support my clients to live meaningful, vital, purposeful, joyful lives in their third stage of life. 

My career path has taken winding turns; from an undergraduate art degree; to being a registered nurse working mainly in mental health; to a thirty year counselling and psychotherapy general private practice; to retirement coaching. Appreciation of family – recently, delight in welcoming a grandchild; community and nature have been themes in my life, as have a curiosity about and love of study of mind/body/spirit connectedness.




My clients are women and men who have had successful, engaging working lives, who are planning their retirement or are at some challenge in their third stage of life, and are feeling disheartened, stalled, or wondering what their next move should be. I support them to confidently navigate the complexities they are experiencing so they can go on to live the fulfillling lives they want, have worked so hard for and so richly deserve.

 May we all enter the delights and challenges of the third stage of our lives with wisdom, compassion and

infinite curiosity.


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Susan Farling’s skills. She is compassionate, perceptive, observant, pragmatic and creative. I’d recommend her to anyone.” – artist in her sixties