I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Here’s a bit about me.


My reserved mother learned to swim in her late 50’s, was a passionate volunteer and enthusiastic traveller in her 60′s and 70’s and practiced yoga into her 80’s. She was not an easy mum but I always admired and was inspired by her willingness to engage in her life.  She taught me that we’re never too old to stop learning, growing, being creative, experimenting and adventuring!

My clients now are people in the third stage of life, often in some stage of the retirement transition, who are eager to create a joyful, meaningful, fulfilling life for the rest of their lives.



The retirement transition has been important to me since the age of 17 when I watched my father struggle with unexpected illness that shorted his working life. Rather than a smooth retirement transition, my father’s rocky last working year meant his pension was greatly decreased; my parents had to move and my mother had to go back to work.

Watching this disruption to my family in my late teens, I made two conclusions: one, life could change in a flash and two, there was no point in planning.

Over the past fourty years, I have supported hundreds of people through a variety of life transitions, first working as a registered nurse, and then as a masters level registered clinical counsellor and psychotherapist in private practice.

During this time I thoroughly revised my thinking about the value of planning!

I now believe we create our lives choice by choice, and can intentionally develop the resilience we need to navigate life’s ongoing challenges and changes.

Over the past five years, as clients have come asking for help with their retirement transition, I obtained my Retirement Options Coaching certification and a Virtual Coach certification.

 My full focus has turned to helping men and women who have enjoyed successful working lives and who, in their next phase of life, find themselves feeling disheartened, stalled, and wondering what their next move should be.  I help them plan for and navigate the transition that so disrupted my family’s life so many years ago by supporting them to create the meaningful, joyful retirement they want, have worked so hard for and richly deserve.

 May we all enter the delights and challenges of the third stage of our lives with wisdom, compassion and infinite curiosity.


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Susan Farling’s skills. She is compassionate, perceptive, observant, pragmatic and creative. I’d recommend her to anyone.” – artist in her sixties