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Welcome,  I’m Susan. 

I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m passionate about supporting people in the second half of their lives move into the next phase of their lives feeling well resourced, energized and full of positive anticipation for their futures.

I remember when I was five years old, looking out our living room window with my dad.

It was his birthday. He sighed and said, “I’m fifty. My life is over.”

I remember the shock that ran through my body when he spoke.

How could he say that? Couldn’t he see all the wonderful things around him – our dog, the mountains, the

ocean – me?

I couldn’t articulate how I felt then, but my father’s words have reverberated through the years.

So now I am delighted to support people  to move into the second half of their lives with a sense of

possibility, potential, and inner peace as they design, create and enjoy their meaningful, flourishing,

vital lives.

My clients are women and men who are navigating  transitions, moving from the known to unfamiliar, uncertain territory. Large or seemingly small, the external changes they face demand internal shifts and growth if they are to be successfully met. My clients wisely recognize both the potential for positive transformations and the challenges inherent in times of  change.

The people I coach often have had successful, engaging working lives  and are planning for retirement, or are retired. They may be empty nesters, be re-evaluating relationships, or be surprised to find themselves  worried about ageing.  They’re feeling stuck, disheartened, and don’t know what to do next.

I use comprehensive, wholistic methods to help my clients confidently  create the purposeful, vital, joyful lives they want and deserve.

My own working life has taken many winding turns.

In my teens and twenties I worked a rich, instructive hodge podge of jobs. My formal education took me from an undergraduate arts degree, to training as a registered nurse, where I worked in acute care psychiatry and mental health for a decade. In my fourties, I obtained a masters in counselling psychology and was a founding member of a thriving counselling center where I enjoyed a thirty-year counselling and psychotherapy general private practice. My practice has expanded to include coaching with a focus on the rich potential for growth and transformation available in second half of life.

I have a masters degree in counselling, am a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and have been Certified as a Retirement Options Coach and a Virtual Coach.


Click the orange button to talk with me about what matters most to you. Whether or not we decide to work together, you’ll gain clarity about your next steps as a result of our conversation. 

Memories of both of my parents later lives fuel my desire to support my clients, and myself, to live meaningful, vital, purposeful,  joyful lives. 

Love of family ~ in 2020, delight in welcoming a grandchild ~ community, and nature have been themes in my life ~ as has a curiosity about and love of study of mind/body/spirit connectedness and a layperson’s fascination with neuroplasticity and epigenetics. I also take delight in poetry, good stories and metaphors.

Susan relaxing