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~ Coaching Services

You are committed to making the third stage of your life

the most rewarding, purposeful and  joyful time of your life.

Your First Step is to Schedule a Free Possibilities Consultation

During your free 30 to 45 minute ‘Possibilities Consultation’ we’ll discuss your goals and what might get in the way of you achieving them. If it seems my services can support you, I’ll describe which may be best suited to help you create the results you want. Whether or not we work together, you’ll leave with greater clarity about what you want for yourself and your best next steps.

Option 1

You:  You’re deeply committed to creating the life you want and are willing to challenge yourself; you’re ready to experiment and explore options; you’re good at implementing suggestions; you’re available for new perspectives; and you are excited to start and are ready to dive right in!

Coaching packages:

What are they?

3, 6 or 12 month individualized, comprehensive and transformational coaching programs.

Benefits of six month coaching package:

Clear understanding of the steps to take to create the fulfilling future you want  designed based on what matters most to you;

Transformed sense of possibility;

Releasing limiting beliefs;

Increased vitality and joy;

Guidance of your authentic inner compass;

Practices that will support physical, mental and spiritual well-being;


Benefits of 12 month coaching package:

Implementation of your values based plan. It is by taking action that we learn the buried beliefs that can hold us hostage, then challenge and transform them.

Taking enough time to engage with new ways of being allows for an embodied, genuinely transformative experience..

Experience gratitude, satisfaction, joy, meaning and purpose knowing that you are living a fully alive, aligned and authentic life.


Option 2

Fostering Joy in Retirement and Beyond

This is a 5 week intensive course for people who want to flourish in the third stage of their life.  These are women and men in some stage of the retirement transition or beyond who felt successful, valued and confident at work, but who now feel disheartened, stalled or unsure of their next steps. In ‘Finding Joy in Retirement and Beyond’ they will design a plan based on what matters most to them that they can confidently follow to create the fulfilling life they want, have worked so hard for, and deserve.

This program is for women and men who want:

The best life they can have for themselves for the rest of their lives – a joyful, meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling life – and who are ready and willing to do what it takes to create that for themselves.

This program is for people who:

~ Are ready and eager to do what it takes to create a more satisfying life for themselves.

~ Are aware that what once was satisfying no longer has as much meaning;

~ Sometimes wonder why they should bother getting out of bed in the morning;

~ Possibly feel unproductive and undervalued;

~ May be socially isolated and unsure of who they are now, without a job title.



During this program:

  • You’ll bring yourself up to date with your many resources, with what interests you, delights you, your commitments, what you deeply value – so that you can create the rest of your life based on what truly matters to you.
  • You’ll be given foundational practices that will support your mental, physical and spiritual health and vitality so that you have sustained energy to create what you want for yourself.
  • You’ll be encouraged to explore your options, create possibilities and design your path forward based on your unique inner compass.
  • You’ll have clarity and peace of mind knowing you can live meaningfully and with purpose.


If you have questions, you are welcome to connect with me through my website, call me at 1-250-884-2974, or email me with the subject line FOSTERING JOY IN RETIREMENT AND BEYOND at susan@susanfarling.com

“Every time I leave a session with Susan, I feel lighter, more grounded, inspired, and ready to take on the world again. Whether I am seeking counsel about something deeply personal or whether I need guidance on how to approach a subject like career transition/advancement, I know that Susan will offer me solid guidance and support, in her own compassionate and constructive way.  Susan’s sense of humour is so poignant and well-timed; simply put, she is the best.”  ~manager